Most GPs only get one chance to build a new surgery. It is a great opportunity to choose how you want to work and create a building that is both a good place in which to work, as well as a sound investment


We start with developing a design which is bespoke and reflects the needs and aspirations of the practice, their staff and their patients. Our architects, P+HS Architects, are one of the leading primary care designers in the country. Together we work alongside the practice to understand your needs and the way the building can help your clinical delivery. Abstract will develop a new Medical Centre for your practice, designed to your requirements. We take all the development risk on your behalf - finding the site, having our professionals design the building and then having it built to our stringent requirements.  We negotiate the rent on your behalf and you lease the completed building from us for an agreed term.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of sustainability for our schemes we provide flexible buildings which allow for future expansion, remodelling or alternative use ensuring that the investment in the property is worthwhile throughout the building's life and the building itself is adaptive to changing care and work practices.

We are continually focused on minimising the carbon impact of our infrastructure on the environment.  We use the NHS BREEAM Healthcare toolkit to measure our buildings and, as a minimum, achieve an "Excellent" rating.

We are committed to delivering buildings which exceed current accessibility requirements.  Where necessary we work with access consultants to advise on best practice and we use innovative and imaginative way-finding in our buildings to ensure access to all facilities.  In addition to the core care facilities, we also provide a range of facilities in our buildings such as baby feeding rooms, family toilets which accommodate pushchairs and toddlers, as well as accessible toilets for both staff and visitors.


At Abstract, we and our architects believe strongly in creating the very best in healing environment in our buildings. We work closely with the stakeholders to create buildings which are spacious, welcoming, light and bright. Wherever possible they are naturally lit and ventilated, have good external landscape and bright and cheerful colours within. We engage with artists to work with the staff and patients to personalise the building and create a calm and safe atmosphere. 


Our team has been responsible for buildings throughout the country, delivering the very best quality on time and within budget. We have construction and contract specialists who, together with our own unique set of contract documentation, ensure the buildings meet your needs now and into the future. Practices will need to undertake some tasks themselves – organising IT or communications, and relocation for example – but we work alongside you to ensure these are as smooth as possible.


We provide a very high level of fit-out in our buildings, ensuring you’re able to move in to a building just waiting for your furniture and equipment. If you’re thinking of new furniture, we’ll help you decide how much you need, where it will fit and how it will match the rest of the building.

There are lots of choices during the construction period – how the rooms are laid out, what finishes you want on the floors and walls, and the colour scheme. At each stage we’ll help you through the choices so you understand what you’re getting.